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Surrey Congress Archive

1975Coombe Girls Sch, New Malden11 Jul - 13 Jul
1976Ricards Lodge HS, Wimbledon16 Jul - 18 Jul
1977Coombe Girls Sch, New Malden15 Jul - 17 Jul
1978Sutton Adult Sch, Sutton30 Jun - 02 Jul
1979Central Library, Sutton13 Apr - 16 Apr
1980Central Library, Sutton04 Apr - 07 Apr
1981Central Library, Sutton17 Apr - 20 Apr
1982Central Library, Sutton09 Apr - 12 Apr
1983Central Library, Sutton01 Apr - 04 Apr
1984Civic Offices, Sutton20 Apr - 23 Apr
1985Civic Offices, Sutton05 Apr - 08 Apr
1986Central Library, Sutton28 Mar - 31 Mar
1987Central Library, Sutton17 Apr - 20 Apr
1988Central Library, Sutton01 Apr - 04 Apr
1989Central Library, Sutton24 Mar - 27 Mar
1990Central Library, Sutton13 Apr - 16 Apr
1991Central Library, Sutton29 Mar - 01 Apr
1992Central Library, Sutton17 Apr - 20 Apr
1993Central Library, Sutton09 Apr - 12 Apr
1994Central Library, Sutton01 Apr - 04 Apr
1995Central Library, Sutton14 Apr - 17 Apr
1996Central Library, Sutton05 Apr - 08 Apr
1997Central Library, Sutton28 Mar - 31 Mar
1998Central Library, Sutton10 Apr - 13 Apr
1999Central Library, Sutton02 Apr - 05 Apr
2000Carshalton High School for Girls21 Apr - 24 Apr
2002Chestnut Grove Sch, Balham29 Mar - 01 Apr
2003Parsons Mead School, Ashtead18 Apr - 21 Apr
2006Surrey University, Guildford26 Aug - 28 Aug
2007Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam06 Apr - 09 Apr
2008Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam21 Mar - 24 Mar
2009Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam10 Apr - 13 Apr
2010Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam02 Apr - 04 Apr
2011Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam22 Mar - 24 Mar
2012Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam06 Apr - 08 Apr
2013Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam01 Apr
2014Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam21 Apr
2018Kingston University26 Oct - 28 Oct


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Surrey Junior Archive


 1970's at Glyn County Grammar School for Boys


 1980's at Glyn School, Ewell.


 1990's at Whitgift, Croydon




 2010's at Nonsuch Girls School, Cheam


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London Junior Congress


 at Starcross School, Islington


 at Sir William Collins School, Islington


English Primary Schools Chess Assoc.

EPSCA 2013 - Round 1 - Zone 6 (qualifying event)

Surrey Champions 1884-1915

1884 view JACOBS, Herbert Levi Croydon
1885 view JACOBS, Herbert Levi Croydon
MILLS, Daniel Yarnton South Norwood
1886 view BAYLISS, Sir Wyke EndeavourBrixton
1887 view JACOBS, Herbert Levi CroydonBrixton
1888   no contestJACOBS, Herbert Levi Brixton
1889 view JACOBS, Herbert Levi CroydonBrixton
Trophy retained by 3-times winner
1890 view WARD, Henry Swinburn CroydonBrixton
1891 view OSBOURNEOSBORNE, William Norton EndeavourBrixton
1892 view MOLLARD, James Percival South Norwood
1893 view MOLLARD, James Percival South Norwood
1894 view CRESSWELLCRESWELL, Evan James Battersea
1895 view COLE, Henry Holwell Battersea
1896 view PEACHEY, Henry Walter South Norwood
1897   BARLOW, Henry Stephens Battersea
1898   CURNOCK, Arthur John Battersea
1899 view FISHER, Augustus William Battersea
1900 view MASSMAAS, Arthur James South Norwood
1901   CURNOCK, Arthur John Battersea
1902   CURNOCK, Arthur John Battersea
1903   BARLOW, Henry Stephens Battersea
1904   -- no contest --
1905   TATTERSALL, Creassey Edward Cecil T.Heath
1906   TATTERSALL, Creassey Edward Cecil T.Heath
1907 view TATTERSALL, Creassey Edward Cecil T.Heath
Trophy retained by 3-times winner
1908   WALKER, Robert Cecil James Brixton
1909   -- no contest --
1910   FELCE, George Albert Brixton
1911   FELCE, George Albert Brixton
1912 view KIRK, Wilfred Hugh Miller Richmond
1913 view BUTLAND, John Kennington
1914   FELCE, George Albert Brixton
1915   FELCE, George Albert Brixton
1916-1919     -- no contest due to World War I --


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Original source of inaccurate SCCA historial records - BCM

Surrey Champions 1920-1962

1920MAAS, Arthur James South Norwood
1921BUTLAND, John KenningtonBrixton
1922BARLOW, Henry Stephens BatterseaSutton
1923WALKER, Robert Cecil James Brixton
1924ALEXANDER, Frederick Forrest Lawrie Battersea
1925ROBERTSON, Thomas Henry BatterseaThornton Heath & Norbury
1926KIRK, Wilfred Hugh Miller Richmond
1927FLETCHER, A. unattached
1928MICHELL, Reginald Pryce Thames Valley
1929GRIFFITHS, Henry Charles Brixton
1930CORNWALL, Cecil Frank unattached
1931GOLOMBEK, HaroldHarry Brixton
1932WALKER, Robert Cecil James Brixton
1933GOLOMBEK, HaroldHarry Brixton
1934ALEXANDER, Laurence Clapham Common
1935PARR, Frank SuttonBattersea
1936FELCE, Harold George 3b 1954 BrixtonSutton
1937ALEXANDER, Laurence Clapham Common
1938GOLOMBEK, HaroldHarry Brixton
1939GOLOMBEK, HaroldHarry 1b 1954 Brixton
1940-1945  -- no contest due to World War II --
1946ALEXANDER, Laurence Clapham Common
1947CORDINGLEY, Edgar George Reginald Battersea
1948BLACKBURNBROADBENT, Reginald Joseph 1a 1953 Clapham Common
1949PARR, Frank 2b 1954 Sutton
1950HOOPER, David Vincent 2b 1953 Redhill & District
1951PARR, Frank 2b 1954 Sutton
1952ALEXANDER, Laurence 3a 1954 Clapham Common
1953HOOPER, David Vincent 2b 1953 Redhill
1954HOOPER, David Vincent 2b Redhill & Reigate
1955MACKAY, Donald George 3a Battersea
1956VEITCH, Walter 2b Richmond
1957PARR, Frank 2b Sutton & Cheam
1958PARR, Frank 3a Sutton & Cheam
1959PARR, Frank 2b Sutton & Cheam
1960PARR, Frank 3a Sutton & Cheam
1961FRANKLIN, Michael John 2b RichmondClapham Common
1962PARR, Frank 3a Sutton & Cheam

Slater-Kennington Winners 1921-64

1920-- new competition --
1921BRIERLEY, William L. BatterseaBrixton
1922COOKE, J. Battersea
1923DAVIES, Edward W. Redhill
1924DAVIES, Edward W. Redhill
1925HODGE, F. Battersea
1926HENKE, O. Battersea
1927JERRAM, Frederick H. O. Thornton Heath & Norbury
1928LIGHTFOOT, Albert V. (Brixton ?)
1929CORDINGLEY, Edgar G. R. Battersea
1930WEBB, J. Brixton
1931BIRCH, S. W. Battersea
1932DOWN, Alfred W. J. Guildford - British U18 ch.
1933JAMES, H. P. Clapham Common
1934PARR, Frank SuttonClapham Common
1935HOOPER, David V. Battersea
1936HOBBS, John Battersea
1937LEFF, S. Clapham Common
1938LEFF, S. Clapham Common
1939FAIRBAIRN, William H. South Norwood
1940-1945  -- no contest --
1946BARNES, H. S. Clapham Common
1947MARSHALL, Hector A. SuttonEpsom
1948ISLES, E. A. Clapham Common
1949SOLOMON, Dr. John D. Shene
1950KEABLE, John T. 4b 1954 Croydon
and NAYLOR, John W. Wimbledon
1951GOOK, Herbert F. Croydon
1952JAMES, Harold P. Wimbledon
1953HOPE, Harold S. 4b 1954 Croydon
1954SEALE, Stanley A. 4a 1954 Streatham
1955WHITE, Thomas W. Guildford
1956JAMES, Rodney E. 5b 1954 Sutton & Cheam
1957REGRUTO, John S. Battersea
1958SIMPSON, E. J. Sutton & Cheam
1959BORLAND, R. E. Wimbledon
1960LEGG, T. J. 5a Wallington
1961WHITE, Richard G. 4b 1954 Coulsdon West
1962RICHARDS, William E. C. 4b (Patent Office)
1963WHEELER, John F. 4b Streatham & Brixton
1964KEENE, Raymond D. 5a BatterseaMushrooms

Felce Cup Winners 1922-64

1921-- new competition --
1922LIMMING, E. A. Guildford
1923CHART, E. unknownBattersea
1924MAY, Major W. J. Guildford
1925WILLIS, W. P. LCC Fire Brigade
1926PRESSEY, William C. South Norwood
1927HART, T. R. Brixton
1928O'KEEFE, D. Battersea
1929JEFFERSON, S. C. Guildford
1930PROWSE, F. J. Battersea
1931-- no contest --
1932COLES, Richard N. Kingston
1933MORRIS, Stanley Clapham Common
1934BILES, A. D. Barnes VillagePutney Park
1935STEVENSON, Reginald W. 4a 1954 Epsom
1936LEGG, T. J. Brixton
1937BOYLE, P. Epsom
1938CREED, Dr. John E. H. Clapham CommonRedhill
1939PARTRIDGE, B. B. unknown
1940-1945  -- no contest --
1946FRANKLIN, Michael J. Clapham Common
1947TILLSON, R.P. unknownKingston
1948SEALE, Stanley A. Streatham
1949GAWLIK, Herman J. Clapham Common
1950HOOKE, A. J. 5a 1954 Redhill & District
1951LYONS, Bernard 5b 1954 Wimbledon
1952BEAUMONT, Leslie G. Wimbledon
1953SHAW, Peter M. Wallington
1954MILLER, Dennis W. A. Old Wilsonians
1955FLETCHER, Miss J. Lesley M. Richmond
1956LANE, J. F. Surbiton
1957RIDGEWELL, M. J. Sutton & Cheam
1958SMITH, Harry T. G. Wimbledon
1959COOKE, A. G. Wallington
1960Le SURF, David A. D. Streatham & Brixton
1961HUSTLER, David South Norwood
1962JONES, Brian A. South NorwoodBattersea
1963SMITH, Harry T. G. 6b Thornton Heath & Norbury
1964CATH, H. Martin South Norwood

Wernick Cup Winners 1922-64

1921-- new competition --
1922YOUNG, E. B. ByfleetWoking
1923REDON, Jack E. Battersea
1924WILEY, F. Clarke Thornton Heath & Norbury
1925PRESSEY, William C. South Norwood
1926HOLROYD, G. C. Guildford
1927SALDANHA, Sebastian E. Battersea
1928PITHERS, R. W. Clapham Common
1929GRIMSHAW, G. H. Clapham Common
1930CRESSWELL, W. Brixton
1931FOISTER, W. Croydon
1932MORRIS, Stanley Clapham Common
1933FIELDER, E. Battersea
1934GREEN, J. C. Brixton
1935ASHBY, R. J. Battersea
1936MACGREGOR, K. Battersea
1937PHILLIPS, N. H. Battersea
1938MILLER, F. W. St. Helier
1939FISH, F. N. T. H. unknownBattersea
1940-1945  -- no contest --
1946CURR, R. M. Barnes Village
1947HOPE, Harold S. 4b 1954 Croydon
1948KAY, R. B. Sutton
1949OLIVER, Earnest Clapham Common
1950FOSTER, T. W. Wallington
1951TURNER, A. B. Cobham
1952MOLLINSON, D. H. Clapham Common
1953HANN, D. W. Wimbledon
1954SWEETINGHAM, Marcus J. Battersea
1955WINTER, Cyril J. Hangar Sports of Roehampton
1956WITT, G. H. South Norwood
1957FORSYTH, Brian L. (Wallington?)
1958MARSHALL, E. E. Mullards
1959Le SURF, David A. D. Streatham & Brixton
1960HUSTLER, David South Norwood
1961MONTAUT, Laurence A. L. Wimbledon
1962KEENE, Raymond D. Battersea
1963STRINGMAN, H. Croydon
1964PHILLIPS, M. S. Streatham & Brixton

Surrey Champions 1963-1997

1963SHALLCROSS, Douglas George Alexander 4a WimbledonKingston
1964PARR, Frank 2b Sutton & Cheam
1965KEENE, Raymond D. 4a Mushrooms
1966FRANKLIN, Michael John 2a Richmond & Twickenham
-- BCF published new 3-digit grading system from 1967 --
1967PARR, Frank 215 Sutton & Cheam
and KEENE, Raymond D. 219 Mushrooms
1968FRANKLIN, Michael John 214 1968 Richmond & Twickenham
1969FRANKLIN, Michael John 224 Richmond & Twickenham
1970FRANKLIN, Michael John 221 Richmond & Twickenham
1971HOLMES, Roger de Lacy 198 Mitcham
1972ARGYRIS, Nicholas 193 Mitcham
1973PRIZANT, Michael 196 Sutton & Cheam
1974GAIT, Paul D. 204 Battersea
1975POVAH, Nigel E. 204 Streatham & Brixton
1976PELLING, Tim W. Q181 Mitcham
1977WATSON, Ian R. 213 1982 Streatham & Brixton
1978BRANFORD, John W. 191 Kingston
1979HARRIS, Ronald A. 187 Mushrooms
1980-- no contest --
1981BENJAMIN, Jonathan C. 201 1982 Richmond & Twickenham
1982GRANAT, Russell G. 199 1982 Wimbledon
1983LAMFORD, Paul A. 205 Mitcham
1984HARRIS, Ronald A. Q194 Mushrooms
1985HOLLAND, Christopher K. D. Y191 MitchamBattersea
1986BENJAMIN, Jonathan C. 204 1987 Richmond & Twickenham
1987GRANAT, Russell G. 211 1987 Wimbledon
1988BENJAMIN, Jonathan C. 204 Richmond & Twickenham
1989KINSMAN, Andrew P. H. 209A Wimbledon
1990BERRY, Stephen H. 212A Mitcham
1991ALLICOCK, Rawle A. 185A Wimbledon
1992BLACKWELL, Clive R. 205A Wimbledon
1993HOLLAND, Christopher K. D. 197A Mitcham
1994HOLLAND, Christopher K. D. 195A Mitcham
1995HOLLAND, Christopher K. D. 205A Mitcham
1996OSBORNE, Marcus E. 175A Wallington & Carshalton
1997ALLICOCK, Rawle A. 197C Wimbledon

Slater-Kennington Winners 1965-2002

1965SURTEES, Michael J. 186 1967 Richmond & Twickenham
1966ANDREWSANDREW, Donald M. 190 1967 Sutton & Cheam
1967BULFORD, Michael J. 201 1967 Mushrooms
1968SURTEES, Michael J. 186 Richmond & TwickenhamCamberley
1969BROOME, William 177 1969 Wimbledon
1970ASHBY, Anthony C. Q183 1975 Battersea
1971KOOIMAN, Bernard Mitcham
1972LIGHTFOOT, Malcolm J. 171 Richmond & Twickenham
1973ALLEN, P. Q182 1975 Mitcham
1974LESTER, Malcolm J. Q182 1975 Streatham & Brixton
1975WILLMETS, David P. Q174 1976 Croydon
1976WILLIAMS, Tony M. Q156 1976 Guildford
1977WILLMETS, David P. Q174 Croydon
1978RAEBURN, David Q183 1976 Mitcham
1979KINSMAN, Andrew P. H. 188 1982 Wimbledon
1980STIMPSON, Philip M. 182 1982 Guildford
1981CARTHY, Raymond J. 183 1982 Croydon
1982SHERWOOD, Christopher C. 175 1982 Morley College
1983STIMPSON, Philip M. 182 Guildford
1984ABAYASEKERA, Roger F. T. Q210 Guildford
1985SHEPLEY, Julien M. Y144 GuildfordGodalming
1986PAGE, Mark E. 194 1987 Mitcham
1987ABAYASEKERA, Roger 192 1987 Guildford
and WEBSTER, Andrew 171 1987 Sutton & Cheam
1988PARKER, Colin P. L. 165 Wallington & Carshalton
1989BRYANT, Richard B. E. 171A GuildfordRedhill
1990ABAYASEKERA, Roger F. 190B Guildford
1991SHEPLEY, Julien M. 171A Guildford
1992BRYANT, Richard B. E. 164A Guildford
1993GUNTER, David W-W. 168A Crystal Palace
1994LEVY, Steven J. 177B Wimbledon
1995OSBORNE, Marcus E. 171A Wallington & Carshalton
1996BRISCOE, Christopher 140E SurbitonHampton
1997SKIELNIK, Joseph J. 159C Battersea
1998GIBBONS, Paul J. J. 168D Kingston
1999CROWDY, Stephen C. 179C Mitcham
2000SKIELNIK, Joseph J. 171C Battersea
2001SMITH, Martin G. 155C Streatham & Brixton
2002MARCHANT, Geoffrey 152E Wallington & Carshalton

Felce Cup Winners 1965-2002

1965PARR, Peter Sutton & Cheam
1966O'DELL, James E. 195 1969 Epsom
1967CATH, H. Martin 169 1969 South Norwood
1968NORMAN, Kenneth I. 169 1969 Richmond & Twickenham
1969GRIFFITHS, Roger H. 148 1969 Croydon
1970PROCTOR, Brian 145 South Norwood
1971DEERY, Thomas F. 153 1969 (Metropolitan ?)
1972GLEAVE, David H. 126 1969 Mitcham
1973YOUNG, Melvin J. Mitcham
1974PARROTT, T. N. Croydon
1975BROWN, Peter F. Q164 1976 Streatham & Brixton
1976LUCAS, P. A. Redhill
1977BEATTIE, George Q147 WimbledonCroydon
1978PACKHAM, Tony B. Q143 1976 G.L.C.
1979WOOD, Peter C. Q163 1975 Wimbledon
1980NICHOLAS, John D. H. Q146 1983 Wimbledon
1981WALKER, Miss Susan K. Y175 1983 Banstead
1982WHITE, Richard G. Q154 1983 Coulsdon & Purley
1983MADDEN, S. P. Y156 1983 Battersea
1984COX, Deric D. Q146 Crystal Palace
1985BARLOW, BertramBertrand A. Y141 AshteadRichmond & Twickenham
1986WILLIAMS, Henry J. 158 1987 Wimbledon
1987DURRANT, Martin A. 137 1987 SurbitonWimbledon
1988RUSHA, Ronald G 138 Wimbledon
1989GUNTER, David W-W. 123A Crystal PalaceWimbledon
1990BALDOCK, Donald A. 142A South Norwood
1991JONES, Stuart R. 113A South Norwood
1992COWLEY, Martin J. 130A Streatham & Brixton
1993BROWN, Philip S. 132A South Norwood
1994BALDOCK, Donald A. 133B South Norwood
1995BROOMFIELD, Matthew P. 114A South Norwood
1996RUSHA, Ronald G 124B Wimbledon
1997FLANAGAN, John A. 134D South Norwood
1998EVBUOMWAN, Lamidi W. 129A Wimbledon
1999WELHAMWELLHAM, Mark 132A Kingston
2000MEHENDALE, Krishna N. 127B Sutton & Cheam
2001WEBLEY, Mark A. 131C Wallington & Carshalton
2002BRYANT, David 124B South Norwood

Wernick Cup Winners 1965-2002

1965STEWART, K. F. CoulsdonCroydon
1966LUCKIN, David E. 154 1969 Croydon
1967BRAUNTON, Richard J. unknown
1968EMERSON, Roger 178 1969 Wimbledon
1969RICHARDS, J. F. 129 1969 Battersea
1970SMITH, D. R. 157 1970 Wimbledon
1971WHITAKER, Harold W. 124 1970 Streatham & Brixton
1972WILSON, A. F. Wallington & Carshalton
1973DUBEY, Mark J. 154 1973 Battersea
1974CHAMBERLAIN, Kenneth R. Y100 1983 Forestdale
1975BLACKBURN, Barry Q127 1976 Streatham & Brixton
1976KHAN, A. QaiyamQaiyum Coulsdon & Purley
and KINSMAN, Andrew P. H. A61 1976 Wimbledon
1977COX, Deric D. Q146 1983 Crystal Palace
1978KHAN, A. QaiyamQaiyum Coulsdon & Purley
1979BOLTWOOD, J. P. A134 1983 Wimbledon
1980CHAMBERS, David G. Y135 1983 Kingston
1981GREEN, J. L. A148 1983 Ashtead
1982WESTFOLD, Andrew J. Y105 1983 Wallington & Carshalton
1983WILLIAMS, Henry J. Y111 1983 Wimbledon
1984STAPLES, Douglas L. A98 Kingston
1985WEBSTER, Andrew Y113 Sutton & Cheam
1986WEBSTER, Alec 128 1987 Sutton & Cheam
1987COOPE, Derek W. 124 1987 Richmond & Twickenham
1988JONES, Stuart R. 97 South Norwood
1989WEBSTER, Fiona 94A Sutton & Cheam
1990JONES, Stuart R. 106A South Norwood
1991GOGGIN, Eamonn P. 99A Cobham
1992REES, David 113E Streatham & Brixton
1993GREEN, Maurice B. 104C Coulsdon & PurleyWallington & Carshalton
1994BROOMFIELD, Matthew P. 81A South Norwood
1995BROOMFIELD, Lucy J. 104A South Norwood
1996POL, Jerry U/G Wimbledon
1997INNES, David 96A Wimbledon
1998BROOKS, John R.P. 108C Wimbledon
1999HOWES, David J. 101A South NorwoodCoulsdon & Purley
2000SILVERTON, John A. 87C Wimbledon
2001PROCYK, Gregory 99C Wimbledon
2002GAUSE, Khan M. 94A South Norwood

Slater-Kennington Winners 2003-2024

2003JACKSON, Paul G. 141A Coulsdon & Purley
2004-- not completed --
2005SHEPLEY, Julien M 168A Guildford
2006FRENCH, Angus 163A Streatham & Brixton
and ZHOU, Yang-Fan 143A Richmond & Twickenham
2007FOSTER, James C. 155A Coulsdon & Purley
2008FYSH-FOSKETT, Adam 180B Streatham & Brixton
2009WAY, Julian M. 161C Kingston
2010LALIĆ, Peter G. 169A Wallington & Carshalton
2011JAMES, Angus S. 169B Surbiton
2012KEARNEY, Stephen L. 145E Surbiton
2013KALAVANNAN, Koby 156X Surbiton
2014DURRANT, Paul E. O. 149A Surbiton
and HUGHES, Anthony 165B Wimbledon
2015SINGLETON, Michael P. F. 171B GuildfordSurbiton
2016FAULKS, Nicholas W. 162A Surbiton
2017JAMES, Angus S. 173C Surbiton
and RATNESAN, Rajeiv 145A Surbiton
2018GIBBONS, Paul J. J. 156B Wimbledon
2019DUPRÉ, Paul D. 166D South Norwood
2020-- no competition COVID19 --
* ECF published new 4-digit rating system from Jan-2021 *
2021-- no competition COVID19 --
2022McCARTHY, James 2000* Chessington
2023-- no competition --
2024 ** Cross Table on ECF Rating System **
*LIVE* Surbiton section (after Round 4) 7 players

Felce Cup Winners 2003-2024

2003MEHENDALE, Krishna N. 128A Sutton & Cheam
2004-- not completed --
2005JACKSON, Paul G. 139A Coulsdon & Purley
2006BATES, Alan E. 140D Ashtead
2007SKIELNIK, Joseph J. 131B Battersea
2008WILLIAMS, Michael D 118A Wimbledon
2009PORTER, Samuel J. 90C Castles
2010LEA, Simon D. 140A South Norwood
2011BATOR, Przemyslaw 120e Wimbledon
2012BATES, Alan E. 132R Ashtead
2013HERMAN, Thomas 130A Dorking
2014MOSS, Stephen 131X Surbiton
2015MAY, Alan K. 136C Dorking
2016HERMAN, Thomas 139C Dorking
2017CHESWORTH, Andrew 135D Dorking
2018COLLINS, Anthony S. 142B Dorking
2019SILVA-PENA, Angel D. 142e Wimbledon
2020-- no competition COVID19 --
* ECF published new 4-digit rating system from Jan-2021 *
2021-- no competition COVID19 --
2022MARKOV, Alexey 1642B Surbiton
2023RENNIE, Gordon 1770K Wimbledon
2024 ** Cross Table(s) on ECF Rating System **
*LIVE* Dorking section (after Round 6) 6 players
*LIVE* Epsom section (after Round 6) 5 players

Wernick Cup Winners 2003-2024

2003-- not completed --
2004-- not completed --
2005PUCOVSKY, Vladimir 110e Wimbledon
2006ASHWORTH, Stephen 106D Wallington & Carshalton
2007DUNNE, Christopher 77A Surbiton
2008WALKER, Julian N. 96C Dorking
2009DAVIS, Richard 85B South Norwood
2010DENFORD, Leslie 99A South Norwood
and SHEGLOVA, Kristian 97D Guildford
2011TORENO, Antonio 100e Streatham & Brixton
2012HERMAN, Thomas 106e Dorking
2013WALKER, Julian N. 104B Dorking
2014MILES, Barry S. 114X South Norwood
and RATNESAN, Ranesh 105X Surbiton
and WIDDICOMBE, Ben 113C Wimbledon
2015WATSON, Leon J. 77D Battersea
2016WATSON, Leon J. 103B Battersea
2017COLE, David M. 108A Surbiton
2018AVENDANO, Mario 90e Wimbledon
2019SEDGWICK, Robert 96e Dorking
2020-- no competition COVID19 --
* ECF published new 4-digit rating system from Jan-2021 *
2021-- no competition COVID19 --
2022MACKENZIE, Alistair 1579F Epsom
2023WYLIE, Hugh F. 1488K Ashtead
2024 ** Cross Table(s) on ECF Rating System **
*LIVE* Epsom#1 section (after Round 6) 5 players
*LIVE* Epsom#2 section (after Round 6) 5 players
*LIVE* Wimbledon section (after Round 6) 5 players
*LIVE* Surbiton section (after Round 6) 5 players

all Surrey Trophy matches 1883/84

Monday, 4th February 1884

South NorwoodscoresEndeavour
G.J.Clarke0 - 1J.Wilson
F.C.Burroughs0 - 1J.Birdsall
L.P.Rees (age 21)1 - 0Wyke Bayliss (age 48)
W.A.Tyacke (age 57)1 - 0G.Hutchins
G.Perceval (age 40)1 - 0A.C.Nursey (age 27)
M.Beyfus (age 39)1 - 0J.B.Macdonald
F.Jeans0 - 1W.N.Osborne (age 30)
F.Searle1 - 0J.Sargent
Totals5½-3½Oliphant's Café

Monday, 11th February 1884

J.W.Rattenbury (32)0 - 1J.Wilson
H.L.Jacobs (age 20)1 - 0J.Birdsall
L.Browne (age 39)½-½Wyke Bayliss (age 48)
C.Frisch (age 60)1 - 0J.B.Macdonald
E.J.Winter-Wood (35)1 - 0J.Holmes
F.Wilson0 - 1A.C.Nursey (age 27)
S.P.Newcome0 - 1W.N.Osborne (age 30)
A.D.Field (age 24)1 - 0R.A.Klein (age 42)
F.S.Herbert0 - 1J.Sargent
Totals4½-4½Oliphant's Café

Saturday, 8th March 1884

CroydonscoresSouth Norwood
H.L.Jacobs (age 20)1 - 0G.J.Clarke
L.Browne (age 39)0 - 1M.Beyfus (age 39)
J.W.Rattenbury (32)0 - 1L.P.Rees (age 21)
H.G.Filby0 - 1W.A.Tyacke (age 57)
C.Frisch (age 60)1 - 0J.Cristall
E.J.Winter-Wood (35)1 - 0G.Perceval (age 40)
A.D.Field (age 24)1 - Vere Bailey
A.Jacobs (age 19)1 - 0W.Southey
Totals5½-3½Station Hotel, Norwood

all Surrey Trophy matches 1884/85

Tuesday, 9th December 1884

South NorwoodscoresCroydon
D.Y.Mills (age 35)0 - 1H.L.Jacobs (age 21)
F.F.Gover (age 23)1 - 0E.J.Winter-Wood (36)
G.J.Clarke½-½C.Frisch (age 61)
A.B.Palmer0 - 1J.W.Rattenbury (33)
L.P.Rees (age 22)½-½L.Browne (age 40)
T.H.Hovenden (age 50)1 - 0H.A.Jacobs (age 20)
H.S.Gover (age 20)1 - 0G.T.Ready (age 62)
G.Perceval (age 41)1 - 0W.G.Stoneman (54)
W.A.Tyacke (age 58)1 - 0W.l'Anson
J.Cristall1 - 0W.Coe
Totals7 - 3Station Hotel

Thursday, 22th January 1885

H.L.Jacobs (age 21)0 - 1J.Wilson
L.Browne (age 40)1 - 0C.P.Kindell (age 53)
A.D.Field (age 25)0 - 1B.McLeod (age 40)
H.A.Jacobs (age 20)1 - 0J.Sargent
C.Bendelack0 - 1H.C.Stewart
F.Dickinson0 - 1W.N.Osborne (age 31)
W.l'Anson0 - 1Corbett
G.T.Ready (age 62)0 - 1A.C.Nursey (age 28)
C.R.Jephson (age 46)0 - 1C.Vincent
Totals2 - 7McAlpine's Rest, Cannon-street

Tuesday, 17th February 1885

BrixtonscoresSouth Norwood
J.Wilson½-½D.Y.Mills (age 35)
Wyke Bayliss (age 49)0 - 1F.F.Gover (age 23)
H.C.Stewart1 - 0F.C.Burroughs
W.N.Osborne (age 31)½-½L.P.Rees (age 22)
B.McLeod (age 40)1 - 0A.B.Palmer
C.P.Kindell (age 53)½-½M.Beyfus (age 40)
J.Sargent½-½G.Perceval (age 41)
A.C.Nursey (age 28)½-½W.A.Tyacke (age 58)
Totals5 - 4107, Cannon-st

London League Winners 1881-1898

YearMetropolitan Chess League
 The Staunton Medal
1882North London
1883North London
1884North London
1885North London view table view newspaper
 The Baldwin-Hoffer Challenge Trophy
1884Entry List: Alexandra, Athenaeum, Bermondsey, Croydon, Excelsior, Greenwich, Ibis, Kentish Town, Ludgate Circus, North London (winner) , Railway Clearing House, South Hampstead and South Norwood
Oct-1884  The Trophy shall become the property of the club which shall first win it three times.
1885Entry List: Athenaeum, Bermondsey, Brixton, Greenwich, Kentish Town, London and Westminster Bank, Ludgate Circus and North London (winner) view
1886Entry List: Athenaeum, Bermondsey, Brixton (winner) , London and Westminster Bank, Ludgate Circus, New Cross, North London
1887Entry List: Athenaeum, Brixton, London and Westminster Bank, Ludgate Circus, North London (3-time winner) , Railway Clearing House and South Norwood
1888-- no contest --
 Senior ClubsJunior Clubs
1889Athenaeum XGreat Western Railway view
1890North London Battersea view
1891Ludgate Circus Belsize view
1892Metropolitan Amethyst view
 A DivisionB DivisionC Division
1893Metropolitan Hampstead West Hackney view
May-1893  now the London Chess League
1894Metropolitan Post Office St Martin's view
1895MetropolitanSydenham & Forest Hill 
1897Ludgate CircusWest LondonBirkbeck

 started 1883started 1922 started 1888started 1929 started 1920 started 1947started 1973 ? started 1961, originally in 1921, as part of the SCCA started 1993
2024Epsom 1Kingston 2024Wood Green 1Richmond 2024Lewisham 2024Kingston AHarrow 2024SandhurstSince the
2009-10 season
the Haslemere
Trophy has been
a Rapidplay
2024Wood Green
2023Kingston 1Kingston2023Wood Green 1not a KO Cup
from 2011 to 2023,
re-instated 2023
2023West Wickham2023Kingston AKingston2023Sandhurst Manx Liberty
2022Guilford 1Kingston2022Wood Green 12022Streatham2022Hammersmith AHammersmith2022Sandhurst Manx Liberty
2021-- no contest ---- no contest --2021-- no contest --2021-- no contest --2021-- no contest ---- no contest --2021-- Covid-19 --2021-- no contest --
2020Guildford 1Guildford2020-- abandoned --2020-- comp abandoned --2020-- no contest ---- no contest --2020Sandhurst A2020-- comp abandoned --
2019Surbiton 1Wimbledon2019Wood Green 12019Crystal Palace2019Hammersmith AHammersmith2019Guildford A2019Guildford
2018Wimbledon 1Surbiton2018Wood Green 12018West Wickham2018Wimbledon AHarrow2018Guildford A2018Guildford
2017Wimbledon 1Redhill2017Wood Green 12017West Wickham2017Wimbledon ASurbiton2017Wellington College A2017Guildford
2016Guildford 1Wimbledon2016Wood Green 12016West Wickham2016Surbiton ASurbiton2016Wellington College A2016Guildford
2015CCF 1Redhill2015Wood Green2015West Wickham2015Surb A & Wimb ASurbiton2015Guildford A2015Guildford
2014Redhill 1Redhill2014Wood Green2014West Wickham2014Richmond & Twickenham ASurbiton2014Sandhurst A2014Guildford
2013Guildford 1Wimbledon2013Wood Green2013West Wickham2013Richmond & Twickenham ARichmond & Twickenham2013Guildford A2013Guildford
2012Redhill 1Redhill2012Wood Green2012Streatham2012Wimbledon AKingston2012Drunken Knights A2012Wood Green Hilsmark Kingfisher
2011Redhill 1Redhill2011Wood GreenCavendish2011West Wickham2011Ealing AStaines2011Sandhurst A2011Pride and Prejudice
2010Redhill 1Redhill2010Wood GreenCavendish2010West Wickham2010Ealing AHarrow2010Sandhurst A2010Wood Green Hilsmark Kingfisher
2009Redhill 1Redhill2009Wood GreenRichmond2009West Wickham2009Wimbledon AHayes2009Sandhurst ASandhurst A2009Wood Green Hilsmark Kingfisher
2008Redhill 1Wimbledon2008Wood GreenDrunken Knights2008Streatham2008Ealing AHayes2008Sandhurst ASandhurst2008Guildford A&DC
2007Wimbledon 1Redhill2007Wood GreenWest London2007Streatham2007Ealing AKingston2007Guildford BGuildford2007Guildford A&DC
2006Coulsdon 1Coulsdon2006Wood GreenMushrooms2006Dulwich Plough2006Wimbledon ARichmond & Twickenham2006Addlestone AGuildford2006Wood Green
2005GuildfordRedhill2005Wood GreenAthenaeum2005Dulwich Plough2005Ealing ASurbiton2005Guildford ACrowthorne2005Wood Green
2004GuildfordCoulsdon2004Wood GreenRichmond2004South Norwood2004Maidenhead APinner2004Crowthorne ACrowthorne2004Guildford A&DC
2003RedhillSouth Norwood2003Wood GreenCavendish2003Dulwich Plough2003PinnerSlough2003Camberley ACrowthorne A2003Wood Green
2002CoulsdonRedhill2002CavendishHackney2002Crystal Palace2002Richmond & Twickenham APinner2002Guildford ACrowthorne A2002Beeson Gregory
2001CoulsdonGuildford2001Wood GreenBarbican2001Crystal Palace2001Ealing ASlough2001Crowthorne BCrowthorne A2001Beeson Gregory
2000CoulsdonGuildford2000HackneyHackney2000Crystal Palace2000Richmond & Twickenham AKingston2000Crowthorne ACrowthorne A2000Slough
1999CoulsdonCoulsdon1999Wood GreenWood Green1999Wallington1999Slough APinner1999Camberley AGuildford A1999Slough
1998CoulsdonCoulsdon1998HackneyWood Green1998Crystal Palace1998Richmond & Twickenham ARichmond & Twickenham1998Guildford ACrowthorne A1998Midland Monarchs
1997MitchamGuildford1997BarbicanWood Green1997South Norwood1997Richmond & Twickenham AHayes1997Crowthorne AGuildford A1997Midland Monarchs
1996GuildfordMitcham1996CharltonWood Green1996Dulwich Plough1996Slough APinner1996Crowthorne AGuildford A1996Slough
1995GuildfordGuildford1995Wood GreenRichmond1995Wallington1995PinnerSlough1995Guildford AGuildford B1995Midland Monarchs
1994GuildfordMitcham1994Wood GreenRichmond1994-- no contest --1994PinnerRichmond & Twickenham1994Guildford ACrowthorne A1994Invicta Knights
1993MitchamMitcham1993Kings HeadBarbican1993Crystal Palace1993PinnerRichmond & Twickenham1993Crowthorne AGuildford A 
1992MitchamMitcham1992Kings HeadWood Green1992Croydon1992Richmond & Twickenham AWimbledon1992Crowthorne ACrowthorne
1991WimbledonMitcham1991BarbicanHackney1991Crystal Palace1991Richmond & Twickenham AWimbledon1991Guildford ACrowthorne A
1990MitchamCrystal Palace1990Kings HeadCharlton1990Records for the
period 1945-56
and 1968-90
are missing.
1990Wimbledon ARichmond & Twickenham1990Guildford AGuildford A
1989SuttonMitcham1989Kings HeadKings Head19891989Wimbledon AWimbledon1989Crowthorne ACrowthorne A
1988MitchamMitcham1988Richmond-- no contest --19881988Richmond & Twickenham ARichmond & Twickenham1988Guildford ARAE A
1987MitchamMitcham1987Wood GreenWood Green19871987Richmond & Twickenham AFulham1987Guildford AGuildford A
1986StreathamStreatham1986Wood GreenKings Head19861986Maidenhead AThames TV1986Guildford ACrowthorne A
1985GuildfordSutton1985StreathamStreatham & Brixton19851985Richmond & Twickenham AThames TV1985Guildford AGuildford A
1984MitchamWimbledon1984Wood GreenKings Head19841984Kingston AThames TV1984Guildford ACamberley
1983StreathamStreatham1983HendonLondon Central YMCA19831983Thames TVKingston1983Camberley ACamberley
1982StreathamStreatham1982StreathamStreatham19821982Hayes A & Rich AHayes1982Guildford Astarted 1982 ?
1981WimbledonSutton1981Wood GreenIslington19811981Richmond & Twickenham ARichmond & Twickenham1981RAE Farnborough

   blue denotes 3 or more trophies in one season by same club.


 started 1883started 1922 started 1888started 1929 started 1920 started 1947started 1973 ? started 1961 (SCCA 1921) started 1893-94 knock-out stages
1980StreathamStreatham1980Central YMCAIslington1980Records for the
period 1945-56
and 1968-90
are missing.
1980Richmond & Twickenham AHayes1980Camberley2023-24Surrey
1979Streatham 2Streatham1979CharltonStreatham19791979Richmond & Twickenham ARichmond & Twickenham1979Guildford 12018-19Surrey
1978StreathamWimbledon1978CharltonIslington19781978Kingston & TV-unknown-1978Guildford 12015-16Surrey
1977Streatham 2Sutton1977StreathamMushrooms19771977Richmond & Twickenham A-unknown-1977Camberley2012-13Middlesex2013Surrey
1976StreathamKingston1976RichmondCavendish19761976Richmond & Twickenham A-unknown-1976Surrey University2011-12Surrey
1975KingstonKingston1975AthenaeumCentral YMCA19751975Richmond & Twickenham A-unknown-1975Guildford Seniors2010-11Surrey
1974SuttonSutton1974CavendishCavendish19741974Richmond & Twickenham A-unknown-1974RAE Farnborough1963-64Surrey
1973RichmondWimbledon1973AthenaeumIslington19731973Bayswater 1973Guildford1961-62Surrey
1972MushroomsMushrooms1972CavendishMushrooms19721972Richmond & Twickenham 1972Guildford 11953-54Surrey
1971MitchamRichmond1971London UniversityMushrooms19711971Richmond & Twickenham 1971Guildford Vs1938-39Surrey
1939-- no contest --
1970MitchamWimbledon1970CavendishAthenaeum19701970Richmond & Twickenham 1970Guildford1937-38Surrey
1969RichmondRichmond1969IslingtonIlford19691969Acton 1969Guildford1932-33Surrey
1968SuttonRichmond1968IslingtonLondon University19681968Richmond & Twickenham 1968Guildford B1929-30Surrey
1967Mushrooms/RichmondRichmond1967IslingtonIslington1967Mushrooms1967Richmond & Twickenham 1967Guildford U-211928-29Surrey
1966RichmondStreatham1966AthenaeumAthenaeum1966Mushrooms1966Richmond & Twickenham 1966Guildford1925-26Surrey
1965MushroomsMushrooms1965HampsteadAthenaeum1965Mushrooms1965Hayes & Harlington 1965Guildford1923-24Surrey
1964MushroomsMushrooms1964HampsteadStreatham & Brixton1964Mushrooms1964Hayes & Harlington 1964RAE Farnborough1921-22Surrey
1963CroydonRichmond1963IslingtonInsurance1963Mushrooms1963Richmond & Twickenham 1963RAE Farnborough1919-20Surrey
1962RichmondRichmond1962MetropolitanHampstead1962Rotameter1962Richmond & Twickenham 1962Guildford1910-11Surrey
1961SuttonGuildford1961MetropolitanMetropolitan1961South Norwood1961Richmond & Twickenham 
 started 1908
1960SuttonSutton1960HampsteadLondon University1960Croydon1960Ealing YearSCCU u2100 JAMBOREE1904-05Surrey
1959SuttonWimbledon1959HampsteadHampstead1959New Addington1959Richmond & Twickenham 2024Surrey
Non-SCCU County
winners shown in italics.
1958RichmondSutton1958IlfordLondon University1958New Addington1958Wimbledon YearSCCU u180 JAMBOREE1900-01Surrey
1957SuttonWimbledon1957IlfordIlford1957Coulsdon West1957Wimbledon 2009Surrey
1956WimbledonRichmond1956West LondonIlford1956-- revived after 17 years --1956Richmond 1997Surrey
1955BatterseaWimbledon1955IlfordAthenaeum1955-- no contest --1955Richmond 
1954SuttonWimbledon1954HampsteadIlford1954-- no contest --1954Richmond YearSCCU u180 KO1895-96Surrey
1953SuttonBattersea1953IlfordClapham Common1953-- no contest --1953Twickenham 1995Surrey
Herts 7-3
1952BatterseaCroydon1952HampsteadIlford1952-- no contest --1952Twickenham  Final Sussex 6-4  List of only the years Surrey won SCCU and/or ECF titles
1951SuttonWimbledon1951HampsteadBattersea1951-- no contest --1951Richmond 1993Surrey
Middx 5½-4½
1950Clapham CommonCroydon1950HampsteadClapham Common1950-- no contest --1950Kingston & TV  S-Final Sussex 6½-3½
1949BatterseaClapham Common1949HampsteadClapham Common1949-- no contest --1949Kingston & TV   Final Oxon 6½-3½  
1948CroydonClapham Common1948Clapham CommonHampstead1948-- no contest --1948N.P.L.  started 1984-5
1947CroydonCroydon1947Clapham CommonHampstead1947-- no contest --
1946CroydonKingston1946Croydon-- no contest --1946-- no contest --YearSURREY LEAGUEAlexander Cup (KO)YearLONDON LEAGUEEastman Cup (KO)YearCROYDON & DIST.
1939-45  -- no contest ---- no contest --1939-45  -- no contest ---- no contest --1939-45  -- no contest --1931BatterseaBrixton1931HampsteadBrixton1931Sutton
1938Clapham CommonBattersea1938HampsteadHampstead1938Sutton1929BatterseaBattersea1929Battersea 1929Croydon
1937Clapham CommonClapham Common1937LewishamLud Eagle1937South Norwood1928Battersea Thames Valley 1928Lud-Eagle 1928Croydon
1936Clapham CommonClapham Common1936LewishamHampstead1936Croydon1927BatterseaBattersea1927Hampstead 1927Th.Heath & Norbury
1935BatterseaClapham Common1935BatterseaLud Eagle1935Sutton Croydon1926BatterseaWest Surrey 1926Hampstead 1926Wallington
1934BatterseaBattersea 1934HampsteadBattersea1934Sutton1925Thames ValleyThames Valley1925Hampstead 1925Wallington
1933BatterseaBattersea1933BrixtonLud Eagle1933Wallington1924BrixtonThames Valley1924Brixton 1924Th.Heath & Norbury
1932KingstonKingston1932HampsteadBrixton1932Sutton1923BrixtonBrixton1923Hampstead 1923Wallington

   blue denotes 3 or more trophies in one season by same club.