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Final entry count is now complete at 113 !!!

Listed below are those received as at 28 March 2016.

Withdrawn and absent entries have been removed.

Boy / Girl

Under 18s and Adults u150  graded section

(8 entries received)

  Lucy BUCKLEY  Nonsuch  287236F  99C,   Alexander CHMELEV  Twickenham*  251940K - ungraded,   Eric MALANTA  Fleet & Farnborough  298030H - ungraded,   Daniel O'MALIA  Surbiton CC  290661C  113C (118C),   Nette ROBINSON  Richmond & Twickenham  286225G  71* (71B),   Chris SHARPE  Worcester Park* - ungraded,   Pranav VAIDYA  Greenwich *  304497L - ungraded,   Cheuk Nam WONG  Banstead Juniors  285206J  144A.

Under 12s / Under 13s  graded section

(8 entries received)

  Alex BARLOV  Richmond Jun. CC  298556B  105A,   Atticus FEAR  Homefield  288971H  92A,   Nathaniel GIBBONS  Wimbledon College - ungraded,   Ivan KUZMIN  Twickenham*  304567F - ungraded,   Abhijeet SAJILAL  King Edward's  299370D  29*,   Ron USHAROVSKY  Cleves  296146F  93D,   Sergey VOLKOV  Cranmore Prep  297674C - ungraded,   Maxim ZUEV  Westminster Under  291528F  58*.

Under 11s  graded section

(16 entries received)

  Iris DAVIES  Amherst  297593C  54A (55F),   Gavith DHARMASENA  Cherry Hinton Primary - ungraded,   Puojah DUSHIANTHAN  Devonshire - ungraded,   Yacine EL BACHIR  Shrewsbury House  301652D  63A (53F),   Logan FEAR  Homefield  291229G  117A,   James FINCH  Ellingham  292779C  34*,   Callum HOWSON  St Dunstan's Cheam  297003L  96D,   Humayun Ali HUSSAIN  Homefield  290622D - ungraded,   Rahul KESAVAN  Hayes Chess Club  304429E - ungraded,   Anton KOPANITSA  St Paul's Primary  293600J  75C (79E),   Thomas KOSHY  Shrewsbury House  297628G  45E,   Idhant LODHA  Homefield  300733K  77D,   Eryl MALANTA  St Augustine Primary  297047J  96*,   Thomas NG  Barnet Knights   295585E  115A,   Gavin TSUI  Homefield  303134C  50F,   Marcus TSUI  Homefield - ungraded.

Under 10s

(16 entries received)

  Laura BORLAND  Ardingly College  284948D  88A,   Katharine CONNOR  Devonshire - ungraded,   James DICKER  Cranmore - ungraded,   George FROST  St Dunstan's Cheam - ungraded,   Sam JONES  Holy Trinity - ungraded,   Bjorn MADSEN  Reigate St Mary's  304634F - ungraded,   Daniel MERLINI  St Joseph's Epsom  303467H  100* (100D),   Nathan James MOORE  Cleves - ungraded,   Lydia MUNN  Sussex Juniors  291842A  71A,   Adam PALMER  Homefield  301677J  87F,   Felicity PETTIT  Tormead  294969G  78D,   Abhishekdev RAMESH  Staines Prep  299325K  105A,   Victoria SAPRYKINA  Devonshire - ungraded,   Evie SEDDON  Crowborough  298815L  29A,   James SHARPE  Homefield - ungraded,   Riley STEVENS  Bordon Juniors - ungraded.

Under 9s

(16 entries received)

  Prabhodha ARIYARATNE  Homefield - ungraded,   Joshua BECKMANN  London Christian School - ungraded,   Abhineeth BURRI  Avenue Primary - ungraded,   Apoorva CHOWDHURY  Tormead - ungraded,   Kian DHARMASENA  Cherry Hinton Primary - ungraded,   Augustas JONIKAS  Cheam Park Farm - ungraded,   Tanuj KAKUMANI  Avenue Primary - ungraded,   Edmund NG  Homefield  303265G  11*,   Chaitan PATEL  Wallace Fields - ungraded,   Suyash PRASAD  Lynch Hill Primary  298593H  87A,   Cyrus RASOOL  Barnet Knights   298235D  32A (0F),   Sophie REES  Crowborough  299515D  42A,   Aditiya SANYAL  St Matthew's - ungraded,   Maximos SOPHRONAS  St Mary's, Carshalton - ungraded,   James WINDRAM  Canada - ungraded,   Stephan ZUEV  Sheen Mount - ungraded.

Under 8s

(28 entries received)

  Jose Antonio ACEVES-ROBLADO  St Mary's - ungraded,   Anarghya ARAVINTHAN  St Dunstan's Cheam - ungraded,   Zoha ASHRAF  Brook Field Primary  299186L  60A,   Neriah ASIRWATHAM  Sutton High - ungraded,   Dylan BARRETT  Latymer Prep  302734L  50E,   Jack BEGLEY  Hinchley Wood Primary - ungraded,   Amarah CHAUDREY  Sutton High - ungraded,   Beatrice CONNOR  Devonshire - ungraded,   Jasmine DRODGE  Bradley School of Chess - ungraded,   Ian DU TOIT  All Saints, Benhilton - ungraded,   Patrick GREY  Parkside School - ungraded,   Aleeza Ali HUSSAIN  Sutton High - ungraded,   Zavier JENKINS  Homefield - ungraded,   William LOVE  St Dunstan's Cheam - ungraded,   Amaya MacDONALD  Wimbledon High School  302185D  23F,   Vardhan MEHROTRA  St George's - ungraded,   Sen PATEL  King's College  300585K  56D,   Shreya PATEL  Sutton High - ungraded,   Senon PERERA  Auriol Junior - ungraded,   Seyon RAJEEV-LAZAR  St Joseph's College  303203G  15F,   Tia SCATTIGNA-GIANFAGNA  Sutton High - ungraded,   Sam SHARPE  Homefield - ungraded,   Henry TALBOT  Claremont Fan Court - ungraded,   Saharsh TIKKIREDDI  Grand Avenue - ungraded,   Thomas TOWNSIN  St Dunstan's Cheam - ungraded,   Raghav VAIDYA  Hastow Primary  302720L  67A (33E),   Vedh VINAYAK  Latchmere  302183L  88E,   Archie WARREN  Guildford - ungraded.

Under 7s

(21 entries received)

  Sammy BARRETT  Falcons - ungraded,   Daniel BESA  The Mead Infants - ungraded,   Prabhdeep CHEEMA  Sutton High - ungraded,   Sofia EL BACHIR  Ashtead CC  301651B - ungraded,   Lavinia FEAR  Seaton House - ungraded,   Sami GJETAJ  Homefield - ungraded,   Tharuni KALAVANNAN  Christ Church Primary - ungraded,   Johan MADSEN  Reigate St Mary's - ungraded,   Eve MALANTA  St Augustine Primary - ungraded,   Liam MATTHEW  The Mead Infants - ungraded,   Harry NG  Homefield - ungraded,   Theo O'MALIA  Surbiton CC - ungraded,   Luke PIOMBINI  The Mead Infants - ungraded,   Avaneesh PIRADEEPAN  All Saints, Benhilton - ungraded,   Oishee RAY  Holy Trinity - ungraded,   Amelie REES  Crowborough  299761H  0B,   Daniel SHEK  Yateley Manor  300661L  27D,   Juan-Leonardo SOLARI  Mosaic Wimbledon  303460E - ungraded,   Tom USHAROVSKY  Oatlands  303694H - ungraded,   Orla WARREN  Guildford - ungraded,   Joseph WHELAN  Oakfield - ungraded.