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2016 Winners and top placed:

ECF Rapidplay grades used for grading events (in brackets are slow play grades)
All Surrey Juniors except those stated in yellow.

Under 18s and Adults u150 Section  graded

U150 champion  Eric MALANTA  Fleet & Farnborough (Hampshire)  298030H no rapid grade - 4½ pts

U150 2nd  Alexander CHMELEV  Twickenham* (Middlesex Junior)  251940K no rapid grade - 4 pts

U150 3rd  Cheuk Nam WONG  Banstead Juniors  285206J  144A - 3½ pts

Under 12s / Under 13s Section  graded

U12 champion  Alex BARLOV  Richmond Jun. CC  298556B  105A - 4 pts

U12 2nd=  Ivan KUZMIN  Twickenham* (Middlesex Junior)  304567F no rapid grade - 3 pts

U12 2nd=  Atticus FEAR  Homefield  288971H  92A - 3 pts

U13 champion  Ron USHAROVSKY  Cleves  296146F  93D - 4 pts

U13 2nd  Abhijeet SAJILAL  King Edward's (Essex Junior)  299370D  29* - 3 pts

Under 11s Section  graded

U11 champion  Callum HOWSON  St Dunstan's Cheam  297003L  96D - 4 pts

U11 1st=  Eryl MALANTA  St Augustine Primary  297047J  96* - 4 pts

U11 1st=  Thomas NG  Barnet Knights (Middlesex Junior)  295585E  115A - 4 pts

Under 10s Section

U10 champion  Daniel MERLINI  St Joseph's Epsom  303467H  100* (100D) - 4½ pts

U10 2nd  Abhishekdev RAMESH  Staines Prep (Middlesex Junior)  299325K  105A - 4 pts

U10 3rd  Lydia MUNN  Sussex Juniors (Sussex Junior)  291842A  71A - 3½ pts

Under 9s Section

U9 champion  Kian DHARMASENA  Cherry Hinton Primary (Cambridgeshire Junior) no rapid grade - 4½ pts

U9 2nd  James WINDRAM  Canada (Foreign Junior) no rapid grade - 4 pts

U9 3rd  Augustas JONIKAS  Cheam Park Farm no rapid grade - 3½ pts

Under 8s Section

U8 champion  Vedh VINAYAK  Latchmere  302183L  88E - 5 pts

U8 2nd=  Raghav VAIDYA  Hastow Primary (Kent Junior)  302720L  67A (33E) - 4 pts

U8 2nd=  William LOVE  St Dunstan's Cheam no rapid grade - 4 pts

U8 2nd=  Dylan BARRETT  Latymer Prep (Middlesex Junior)  302734L  50E - 4 pts

Under 7s Section

U7 champion  Daniel SHEK  Yateley Manor (Berkshire Junior)  300661L  27D - 5 pts

U7 2nd=  Joseph WHELAN  Oakfield no rapid grade - 4 pts

U7 2nd=  Tom USHAROVSKY  Oatlands  303694H no rapid grade - 4 pts